Welcome to my “Essential Oils 101 Class”. This is an introduction to Young Living’s essential oils.  I made this video with you in mind. If you’re going to invest in this “oil thing”, or even just checking it all out, you best know how to use them.

The video will cover the basics of the Everyday Oils Collection, as well as some information on how to use these essential oils.  It goes over why they work and touches on some safety information as well.  It really is a great resource to help you get started with your essential oils.  If you are considering an essential oil starter kit like the Premium Starter Kit or have just purchased it, this will be a great starting place for you.

So grab some hot tea and get ready to learn!  Once you’ve finished my class, make sure to scroll down and learn from Young Living’s Pharm D, Lindsey Elmore.

To learn more about these oils, click here.


In these next three videos, you will hear from Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, Director of Global Education and Health Sciences with Young Living.  She will share some of the basics of essential oils in video 1.  In video two she will talk about essential oil usage.  And in the last video, she discusses extraction methods.

Video 1 – Essential Oil Basics

Video 2 – Essential Oil Usage

Video 3 – Essential Oil Extraction Methods

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