In The Beginning

Oils have been around since the third day of Creation.  On the third day, God created trees and plants.  Oils are the “life force” of the plants.  They protect the plants from harm in the environment, protecting the health of the plant.  The oil is extracted very carefully from the plant, so the therapeutic properties are not compromised.  Young Living has a perfected method called the “Seed to Seal Process” process.  Young Living owns many farms and also has partner farms.  Each of these farms are of the purest soil – no pesticides are used.

Understanding The Process

The “Seed to Seal Process” is important to understand because it’s truly what distinguishes Young Living’s oils from all the other oils out there.  In order for a company to call their oil “pure” it need only have 5% of the actual oil in the bottle.  That’s why most of the oils you find in your health food store or other retail stores are fine for smelling but they are just perfume grade oils.  Young Living’s oils are therapeutic grade essential oils.  These essential oils are immune supporting, help with tiredness, support the respiratory system, support muscles and joints, and so much more.  They can be used aromatically, topically, and many can even be ingested.

How To Apply

Aromatically – this is probably the most common form of all essential oil usage.  Whether inhaling directly from the bottle or diffusing the oils in a diffuser, the smell is quite often invigorating.

Topically – applying Young Living essential oils topically is safe.  There are certain ways to go about this.  First, always make sure to read the directions on the bottle, as each oil has unique directions.  Secondly, it is important to always have a seed oil available should the application need some diluting.  Remember, water does not dilute oil, and this is why a seed oil is necessary.

Internally – Young Living’s oils are therapeutic grade, meaning the integrity and potency of the oils have been protected to the fullest and therefore many of the oils are safe to ingest.  Adding oils to a vegetable capsule is one way  to take the capsules.  They can also be added to a drink or consumed straight in the mouth.  Because the area directly under the tongue is the quickest way to get things into your bloodstream, placing a drop of oil sublingually is also an option. *please remember to check the safety of each oil before consuming.

This information is to be applied only to Young Living oils.

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