If you are ready to start this marvelous, life-changing journey with Young Living essential oils, you’ve come to the right place.  I promise to take great care of you, to make sure you’re informed, and start you off with a great little gift!

carrying case

A Bit Of Everything

This case is so wonderful because it’s truly the right size.  It fits nicely in my purse.  My husband has a black one that he carries in his briefcase to work.  While it’s meant to carry the small dram bottles, the 5ml and 15ml bottles can fit in the case too.

Benefit Of Travel Size?

This case is meant to allow you to carry just enough of your top oils.  If for some reason you were to lose this travel case or leave it out in the sun, you haven’t ruined a whole bottle, or several full bottles of essential oil.

One Is Waiting For You

When you enroll with me and start your oil journey with the Premium Starter Kit, I will gift you an essential oil travel case that holds 14 bottles of the 5/8 dram size (10 of these bottles are included with your starter kit).   Once you place your order, I’ll email you and ask for your choice of color.

Order Your Kit

Are you ready to get your essential oil starter kit?

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