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Who doesn’t love free stuff?  I’m talking about truly free, quality products!  Well, I’m here to tell you that there are many ways to earn free product when you purchase your oils through me.  For starters, when you are just getting started on your essential oil journey and you purchase the Premium Starter Kit, I gift you a free essential oil case.

Other Ways to Earn the Goods

  1. Join Essential Rewards  – just for joining an already super cool program that rewards you with product credit just for ordering products you love, I’ll also give you a personal diffuser. Read more!
  2. Complete the “Getting Started with Essential Oils” checklist –  Yep!  Just for doing the things that most people will do anyway (because they want to know how to use their essential oils), I’ll gift you a 16 bottle essential oil case.  Read more!
  3. Share your new love of these amazing oils – by hosting a party with your friends, family, frenemies, and framily, you can earn free essential oils simply by having them show up.  And if they order?  Are you sitting down for this?  You could earn a Home Diffuser by Young Living.  Read more!
  4. Young Living Promotions – each month, Young Living runs new promotions where they are almost throwing free product at members.  You can always find out more about those offers in the Virtual Office or right here on my website.

Do You Need to Get Started?

  1. Make sure you’ve purchased your Premium Starter Kit from me.
  2. Join Essential Rewards
  3. Complete the “Getting Started with Essential Oils” checklist I email you.
  4. Love it!  Share it!  Host a class!
*Effective 9/23/15
*If items are out of stock from vendor, you will have option to wait or receive similar replacement


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