I’m a mom to three boys.  I need to take two of them to school each day and homeschool another.  I also need to pick up those two from school at the end of their day.  Making dinner, doing laundry, oh yeah, and caring for my husband, are all part of my daily routine.  And while we need a second income, I also like having a job of my own, that allows me to contribute to our finances. Working at home has allowed all of these to work harmoniously.workfromhomeWhen I decided to try Young Living essential oils, I had zero desire for the business side of it.  However, the product is so good, people started coming to me for the product.  Before I knew it, I was “doing the business.”  And what an incredible blessing it has been!  The day is mine.  I have no boss and no office hours.  The income has surpassed my wildest dreams and I’ve been amazed at the opportunities, beyond income, that Young Living affords it’s business builders, i.e. trips, aroma complete (over 100 oils), etc.

If you have a need or a desire to work from home, this just may be a match for you.  By joining my team, there are  many resources for support – Wholesale Members gain access to our exclusive group, Oil Moxie, where they are supported in learning about the oils and how to use them, while Business Builders get all of that and also access to our private “Biz U” within Oil Moxie and a closed group on FB for added support. If someone truly wants to be successful, the support digitally and personally is available.  I’m in leadership with Oil Moxie and I can guarantee you will have a team of encouraging people wanting you to succeed, and it starts at the top!

How can you get started?  You first need to become a Wholesale Member .  Next, send me an email letting me know you want to be a business builder, and I will help you get started.  Then just share your experiences and your love of the oils.  People will ask you where they can get their own!


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